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Workshop & Servicing

Workshop & Service

Do you have a flat tyre or do your gears and brakes need adjusting? Do you need a new chain, full drive train, bottom bracket or bearings? Would you like a custom bike build or to upgrade your bike to Di2 electronic shifting or need a service on your e-bike?

Whatever the problem, our CYTECH qualified mechanics will be glad to offer you expert advice, carry out all types of repairs and also help you to keep your bike in 'tip top' condition. Our service options start from just £35 for our "Basic Service & MOT". Our full service price list is further down the page.

Book A Service Appointment

To book a service or repair simply book online here. Whatever the service or repair you believe is required we highly recommend you allow us to do a full assessment of the bike with our "Basic Service and MOT". Drop your bike off on your chosen date and once we have had chance to complete the initial safety inspection we will contact you with details of any work required. You will find pricing for almost all jobs we carry out in the workshop below.

Tailored Servicing and Repairs

We believe there is no such thing as one size fits all when it come to a bike service. We believe that your bike is as individual as you and therefore we don`t offer fixed service packages, our services and repairs are tailored to your bikes individual needs.

When you arrive with your bike we will discuss all the options including what repairs are required and elements of your bike that require servicing.

Our "Basic Service and MOT" option is £35 which allows us to make basic adjustments to brakes and gears and complete a thorough check for your bikes individual needs. We will then contact you to discuss any additional work we feel is required.

CYTECH Qualified Mechanics

CYTECH is the international industry qualification and accreditation for Bike Mechanics and every year we invest to ensure all our mechanics are fully qualified and have all the latest training to be able to service your bike.

Our team also attend regular training courses to stay right up to date with the very latest developments in technology including Di2 electronic shifiting and e-bike systems including Bosch, Bafang and Shimano.

Please see below for our full service menu and pricing.

E-Bike Specialist Service Centre

We are a specialist sales and service centre for Electric Bikes that use Bosch, Shimano, Bafang, Promovec, Fazua and e-bikemotion drive systems.

We can carry out any mechanical service or repair on any other TYPE approved e-bike.

We do not offer any service options for any modified electric bikes or after market ebike systems.


Individual Service Options   
PDI (pre-delivery inspection)GEARSFlat BarDrop Bar
Single speed and BMX Bicycle assembly from a box to BS6102£30Cable fit (internal cable Route + £10)£15£15
Multi-Geared Bicycle assembly from a box to BS6102£40Gear shifter fit £10£10
E-Bike assembly from a box to BS6102£50Gear set up/adjustment£10£10
Electronic Gear set up/adjustment£15£15
FRAME PREPARATIONChain fit (Guard/Cover +£10)£15£15
Fork Alignment£10Refit Chain with splitlink£10£10
Fork Replacement£40Drivetrain fit (rear cassette, chain and crank)£45£45
Fork tube cut to size£10Drivetrain fit (BB, rear cassette, chain and crank )£65£65
Bottom bracket chase and face£20Cassette fit£10£10
Frame Pivot Bearings (exc bearings£80
Sprocket fit - hub gear without cover£20£20
LINEAR BRAKES (v-brakes / rim brakes)Flat BarDrop BarSprocket fit - hub gear with cover£30£30
Brake pads fit £10£10Derailleur fit£10£10
Cable fit (internal Cable Route + £10)£15£15Hub Gear Service 3spd (cables excluded)£80£80
Brake Adjustment£10£10Hub Gear Service 5-11spd (cables excluded)£120£120
Brake Lever Fit£10£10Pedals fit£10£10
Caliper fit / replacement£10£10Crankset Fit£20£20
Crank Arm Fit£10£10
Brake pads fit£10£10Mechanical Groupset FitPOAFrom £140
Cable fit (Internal cable Route +£10)£15£15Electronic Groupset FitPOAFrom £160
Brake Adjustment£10£10Di2 Software Update£30
Brake Lever £10£10Shimano Electronic Diagnostic£30
Rotor fit / replacement£15£15Shimano Electronic Diagnostic£30
Caliper fit / replacement£10£10Tranz-X Logi-X Diagnostic£30
Brake pads fit£10£10Replace Inner tube / Tyre£8
Brake Adjustment£10£10Replace Inner tube / Tyre - Hub gear w/o cover£10
Brake Lever £10£10Replace Inner tube / Tyre - with cover / E-Bike£10
Rotor fit / replacement£15£15Tubeless / Solid Tyre fit£20
Caliper fit / replacement£10£10Wheel true£20
Disc brake set fit £20£20Wheel strip£20
Brake Service inc line bleed and re-fill£20£20Wheel Build£40
Hub service (Plus Bearings)£20
BOTTOM BRACKETSpoke replacement (exc spokes)£10
Bottom bracket replace£40Spoke replacement - hub gear w/o cover£10
Chase£10Spoke replacement - hub gear with cover£10
Chase and Face£20
Fit£40£40Grips fit£10
Headset Service (plus bearings)£40£30Bar tape fit£15
Stem fit£10
SUSPENSIONHandlebar fit - MTB£15
Rear Shocks servicePOAPOAHandlebar fit - Road£10
Suspension forks servicePOAPOAHandlebar size reduction (includes Removal)£20
Cannondale Lefty and HeadShockPOAPOA