What is the C2K Customer Rewards Scheme?

Our Customer Rewards Scheme is completely FREE to join. Once you have signed up to the scheme you will earn reward points with every purchase you make both online or in store. It means every time you shop at C2K Cycling 2000 you are getting even better value for money.

Reward points are converted into £pounds and you are free to decide how and when you spend your rewards. Rewards can be spent online and in store.

You can continue to save them up for a bigger purchase or use them during each visit … the choice is yours!

Each month we will email you with an update and reminder as to how many points you currently have so you dont ever loose track.

Shop now and and keep earning your C2K Customer Rewards Points!


How do I join the Customer Rewards scheme?

All you need to do is shop with us today and the email address you provide during checkout will be used to activate your Customer Rewards account. Your email address and purchase history is not shared with anyone else.

Am I already earning Customer Rewards?

You may already have a Customer Rewards account as is associated with the email address provided to us when creating a Customer Profile. If you have shopped with us during 2022 or later, either in-store or online, and provided an email address to us, then your Customer Rewards profile may already be active and you could have already earned rewards to use with a purchase today!

How Soon Can I Spend My Rewards Points

Points are allocated when your transaction is fully paid and shipped or collected. After that it normally takes under an hour for points to be available, but can occasionally take up to 12 hours.

Do Customer Rewards expire after a while?

Yes they do although only if there’s no activity on your account for a year. If you do not accrue or redeem points for a year, your account will be deactivated and points removed.

Are there any exclusions to Customer Rewards?

You can earn rewards on all products and servicing, except gift vouchers, items purchased with a cycle scheme / cycle to work voucher and shipping charges.

If you do not wish to be part of our complimentary loyalty scheme, please email us asking to have your Customer Profile updated to exclude Customer Rewards.


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