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Bike Fitting & Saddle Fit - Comfort & Efficiency When You Ride

If you are finding riding uncomfortable in any way such as numb hands or toes, knee pain, lower back pain, shoulder discomfort or any number of other aches and pains during or after riding your bike, it is likely due to improper bike fit.

A bike fit can advise the correct bike size, recommend the best possible saddle, set up your shoe cleats accurately or provide guidance on the best possible saddle height, setback or saddle to handlebar drop for your riding style. You may also just want to get confirmation that you are riding the correct size of bike or confirm the frame size you should be looking for in a new bike. In either case getting a professional bike fit is one of the best investments you can make to start riding more efficiently, in comfort, pain free and to get the maximum enjoyment from your bike.

Our Bike Fit System from Shimano uses sophisticated software and measuring equipment and with our expertise is suitable for Road Bikes, Track, Cyclocross, Time Trial, Triathlon and Mountain Bikes. You can find out more details here or check out the short video below

How Long Will It Take and What To Wear?

A full bike fit can take around 2 hours so it's important to book your appointment well in advance. For a bike fit we ask that you wear the clothing and shoes that you would usually wear when riding but bring normal shorts or trousers for a Saddle Fit. We offer our full bike and saddle fit service in our Burton store during the week Monday to Friday. To book an appointment for your Bike or Saddle Fit please call us on 01283 544669.

Our main objectives with a bike fit are as follows:
  • Enhancing overall rider comfort
  • Preventing injuries
  • Eliminating saddle discomfort
  • Reducing or eliminating pain and numbness
  • Reducing rider fatigue by enhancing efficiency
  • Improving overall performance on the bike
  • Step 1 - Discussion

    Before we start the fitting process we will begin with perhaps the most important part of the process, a general discussion about your current riding habits, any issues you currently have plus details of any historic injuries. We will also discuss future goals and what you are looking to achieve with your bike fit.

    We will at this stage discuss the 3 bike fit options available.

    Option 1 - Quick Bike Fit

    Many cyclists ride bikes that are not the right size for them. Combined with the wrong saddle height, this can create saddle sores, back pain or other injuries while also causing poor pedaling efficiency. A Quick Fit will provide a saddle height and frame size advise for the bike of your choice based on 2 quick and easy measurements with our Bike Sizer tool. A Quick Fit is included free of charge when purchasing any bike over £500

    Quick Fit Price - £30

    Option 2 - Complete Bike Fit Including Bike Adjustment

    A Complete Fit will measure your body height, upper body, leg and arm length, shoulder width and foot size on our 2D Body Analyzer. Based on those metrics, our unique algorithm, your preferences and our experience, we then provide you with a full bike diagram of your suggested bike set up no matter if it's a mountain bike, commute or road bike. It will take all the guess work out of your bike set up and can be used to optimize your position on a current bike or guide the purchase of a new one to ensure you get the right size and set up for your requirements.

    Complete Fit Price - £100 (includes 1 Bike Adjustment)

    Option 3 - Bike Adjustment

    After a bike fit it is of course essential that your bike gets set up in line with the advice that follows from the bike fit. Our Bike Adjuster can do this with laser precision as it relies on precise XY coordinates relative to the bottom bracket, so that your position can be precisely replicated between bikes regardless of the different geometry that bikes might have.

    Bike Adjustment Price - £40 per bike

    Cleat Set Up

    Our cleat positioning tool allows us to correctly position your cleats on your cycling shoes. This process can be the quickest but possibly one of the most important to improve rider comfort, eliminate uneccessary pain whilst riding and also avoid injury due to incorrect positioning.

    Complete Cleat Set Up - Time Required 20 Minutes - Cost £30

    Saddle Fit

    We now offer an excellent saddle fit service in both stores using the "MY OWN Saddle Fit System" by Prologo - A complete Saddle Fit is £30

    More details to follow.

    All of our bike fits are by appointment only so we can ensure we have the time required to fit your bike correctly. If you think we can help, get in touch so we can discuss the options and book you an appointment. We offer our full bike fit service in both Burton and Lichfield. Remember, we offer a FREE Complete Bike Fit and Bike Adjustment when you purchase any bike from us over £1500