There are various ways to transport bikes which include, inside the vehicle, in a trailer, or on a bike rack mounted on the roof, boot or by far the best way, on a towbar mounted rack. Thule have a great range of all 3 types of racks and we have always favored the towbar mounted options.

The Epos is Thule’s new flagship, fully foldable and tiltable towbar-mounted bike carrier. The rack features a new telescopic bike attachment system, which Thule claims can transport any bike, no matter the type or size. They have taken all the tiny issues that previous towbar mounted racks had and solved them all.

The Epos is offered in a two or three bike option. Check out the full range here.

Thule says the rack uses unique individual and telescopic bike arms equipped with pivoting heads and reinforced straps. This design means the system can attach at numerous points to hold any type of bike. That means anything from road bikes to electric bikes. The Epos can even accept bikes with mudguards or pannier racks, according to the brand. Bikes can be attached either by a frame tube or on the rear wheel. Thule claims the arms are safe to use with carbon frame tubes and wheels. The Epos is rated for bikes up to 30kg each. Thule says it will accommodate frame tubes between 20 and 90mm in diameter and wheelbases up to 1,350mm. The Epos can accept from 16in to 29in wheels and tyres up to a 3.2in width.

Like other models in the range, Thule is using a Smart Tilting Mechanism so you can access the boot with the rack attached. When the rack isn’t in use, the bike arms stow flat. Thule says this makes the boot accessible without tilting the carrier. The rack is also fully foldable for easy transportation and storage when not in use.

The Epos is compatible with a range of Thule’s accessories, including an Epos-specific Bike Repair Holder which we think is a great idea. This mounts onto the carrier in case you need to make any pre- or post-ride adjustments.

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