Orbea have launched possibly the best Urban eBike ever. The Diem is centered on three main pillars, Performance, Smart Design, and Personalization.
Orbea have taken all their expertise in creating high performance racing bikes and applied it to the Diem which also deals with personal safety, bike security, and ease of use- both in terms of riding and intelligent integrations.

Diem is a powerful e-city bike you can count on, a trusty partner that brings a touch of class to the day-to-day. From the first moment you ride it, you know you are on something special, with quality components and a clever frame design that gives the smoothest ride. The dynamic motor and precise handling make it easy to slot
into the traffic, while the bright wraparound lights help to keep you safe.

Key Features

Diamond Glide is a patented design that allows the frame to flex vertically, absorbing bumps and giving a smooth ride on rougher streets. The combination of our carbon fork and wider tyres helps absorb the bumps of rough streets.

Safety. Safety Built Into Every Journey
Every Diem has a built-in, high-tech lighting system which automatically switch on to keep you safe and light the way ahead. The front beam switches on automatically at night to increase your visibility even if the streets are dark. The wrap-around lights make sure you are always visible, day or night, even from the side. The reactive rear lights brighten to announce braking.

Full Power, Intelligent Control
The 630 Wh battery, integrated into the downtube uses the latest cell technology to pack
more charge into a smaller space. That means around 150 Km. For the lightest Diem possible choose our highly optimized 540 Wh battery that gives plenty of power for up to 120 Km. The subtle remote is easy to control without moving your hands from the bars.
The integrated LED lights tell you which assistance mode you are in. If you want more
information then it is easy to connect your mobile, add it to the included mount, and access detailed system information. The Shimano EP8 delivers 85nm of torque

Everything You Need. And Nothing More.
Diem offers 20 kg and 30 kg rear carriers compatible with Ortlieb and MIK systems along
with an optional 10 kg front rack and basket. Our optional adaptor makes Diem 10 and Diem 20 compatible with Thule, Burley, Croozer and Hamax trailers. Diem 30 works with
conventional thru axle adapters.

There are three models offering three very different transmission options giving different options for different riders. Enviolo – Maintenance Free, Automatic Gears with Belt Drive, Shimano Inter 5 – Low Maintenance, clean and silent Belt Drive with Hub Gears & Shimano Cues – Traditional Chain Drive with 9 Gears Which Offer A Great Range.

Choose from four frame sizes. Due to the choice of sizes, most riders can choose between a slightly smaller fit which
prioritizes comfort, or a slightly larger frame which prioritizes performance. Diem is available in three different colors, Ivory White – Gloss, Glitter Anthracite – Gloss and Spaceship Green (Matte)

Dont take our word for how good this bike is, check out the independent review from GCN

Diem – 3 models in 3 colours – Choose Your Model


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