Lazer introduces re-invented and lightweight Z1 KinetiCore

Its weight of 220g make this the lightest helmet including rotational impact protection on the market.

Z1 KinetiCore is the one for those looking for a featherweight helmet, without skimping on protection. The new model has been engineered to be both lightweight and allow excellent ventilation, while meeting vital safety standards and going beyond by integrating rotational impact protection.
Strategically placed vents, inclined bridges and a floating headband allow best in class ventilation while keeping aerodynamics in mind. A Lazer Aeroshell is compatible with the helmet and can be added to close the vents for extra aerodynamic advantage and provide protection against the weather elements.

Now including the upgraded Lazer Advanced RollSys, a thumbwheel on the top of the helmet that controls the fit system spanning around the entire circumference of the head for a comfortable and secure fit with no pressure points. As the Lazer Advanced RollSys sits on top of the helmet, enough room for long hair in a ponytail or bun is kept free.Other features of Z1 KinetiCore include lightweight stitched straps made from antibacterial & recycled material, designed to ensure comfort. The removal of a plastic strap divider and use of recycled strap material are small steps towards the more sustainable future Lazer wants to work towards.

All colours now available…..


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