We are super pleased to introduce a new kids bike brand to Cycling 2000. Yomo are a premium lightweight kids bike brand, in some ways very similar to Frog, Squish and the Forme Cubley and Kinder. However Yomo offer better design, better specification and at a lower price.

YOMO was born out of a simple yet powerful idea: to create bikes that empower children to confidently explore their world on two wheels. We recognized the need for bikes specifically designed for young riders – bikes that combine lightweight design, kid-friendly components, and unwavering safety features. And thus, YOMO Bikes came to life.

Our journey began with a clear vision: to revolutionize the way kids learn to ride. Our bikes are expertly designed using triple butted lightweight alloy frames, providing exceptional ease of movement and easy handling. This not only makes every ride smoother but also instills a sense of confidence and control in young riders.

Key Features Of Yomo Bikes

  • Triple Butter lightweight aluminium frames
  • Internal cable routing
  • Lower Bottom Bracket
  • Childrens specific grips, pedals and saddles
  • Shimano Hubs
  • Highly reflective tyres and frame graphics
  • Shimano Shifters and rear derailleurs
  • Sealed Bearings
  • Chain guards
  • Narrow Q Factor

YOMO bikes, designed with triple-butted lightweight alloy frames offer exceptional ease of maneuverability, allowing children to develop their skills, explore new trails, and have a blast while maintaining safety and control. YOMO makes learning to ride a bike enjoyable for everyone involved! Our premium bikes are crafted with junior-specific components that remove the stress from teaching while ensuring that the bike remains lightweight and most of all, fun to use. By being able to effortlessly lift and handle their YOMO bike, children can build their cycling confidence and benefit from a faster, more seamless learning experience.

ModelWheel SizeColoursWeightInside Leg Rider HeightAge
Yomo Balance12″23.6kg32-42 cm83-109 cm1.5yrs
Yomo 1414″45.5kg38-47 cm95-110 cm3-5yrs
Yomo 1616″45.8kg43-53 cm105-120 cm4-6yrs
Yomo 2020″47.65kg50-61 cm115-135 cm5-8yrs
Yomo 2424″49.4kg59-69 cm130-150 cm8-11yrs
Yomo 2626″49.9kg65-76 cm145cm +10yrs +

Yomo Balance – £180

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Yomo 16 – £340

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Yomo 20 – £400

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Yomo 24 – £450

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Yomo 26 – £480

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C2K Trade In Scheme

We understand that kids grow very quickly and spending a little more money on a better quality bike that your child will enjoy far more can sometimes be difficult to justify. When you but a Yomo, Frog, Kinder, Cubley or Squish from us we offer a trade in scheme allowing you to upgrade to the next suitable size when the current bike becomes too small. We will offer you up to 50% of the original purchase price when they are ready and you purchase a bigger bike. Built with aluminium frames and quality components these bikes will last much longer than cheaper steel framed bike. Exact amount of trade in will vary depending on condition.


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